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Together we can achieve our common goals of supporting our children, the school, and the entire Saints Peter and Paul School community.

Upcoming Events

Welcome to the SS Peter and Paul Home and School website! We are excited to bring a simple and consolidated place for the amazing things we do here in the school community, in support of each other and in service to our neighbors.

Throughout the year, we are going to communicate the many ways you can be involved in activities, events and service projects as we look to give the HSA a fresh and amazing kick-off alongside your family, to keep this amazing community growing with hearts to love and hands to serve. 


The Home and School Association is responsible for many of the activities that help to bring the school together, in an effort to raise money and support our children as they learn and grow. There are a variety of ways that the school community can support this cause and help SS Peter and Paul to continue to lead with excellence.

Upcoming Events

We are an active school community with many chances to get to know other SSPP families as our children grow together.  Join us for our next outing.

Help with Roaring 20's Night

Do you have a skill set you would be willing to share for the benefit of our students?  Please join us in volunteering to support creating a Roaring 20th anniversary celebration to remember!  

Volunteer Your Time

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.  Let’s work together to advance the agenda of the school community and experience for our kids.

Hearts to Love, Hands to Serve

Upcoming Events