At the conclusion of this year’s Catholic Schools Week, the HSA came together with terrific lunch, in support and thanks for how hard the teachers and administration are working during a “less than normal” time for everyone. We felt the beach theme was fitting, and on that day, no surprise, early dismissal for snow! We transported teachers to Jimmy Buffett’s paradise, had a delicious spread of Chipotle delivered and a lovely thank you gift of a tumbler and their favorite ‘spirit’ to mix in when they snuggled into their couch over the weekend.


The luncheon was well received by the staff and teachers, everyone had a nice time while parent volunteers got to watch over the classroom! It is such a blessing to be a part of such a special community! In the end, we were able to package up the leftovers to share with the parish call for meals to those less fortunate.  It was a lovely way to showcase hearts to love and hands to serve in a single event! To all who attended, thank you all for all you do!