Thank you to everyone who was able to join the first HSA meeting in preparation for the upcoming 2021-2021 school year. For those of you that were unable to attend live, you can watch the recording and save the date for what is going to be an amazing year!

Questions and Answers for the Event:

Where will those Pre-K go and where will 8th grade be located next year?

  • The 8th-grade homerooms and the all pre k homerooms will be in their own classrooms

Is there a report that shows money raised by Spring fundraisers over the last few years and how that money was spent?

  • In the past, a portion of the Spring Auction has been allocated for technology. Technology items are in a continuous cycle to be updated due to only a 4-year life cycle of chrome books used in a classroom. We are a school that is a Gsuite school and continue to stay up to date with Ed-tech tools. Some large items that the auction has been dedicated to in the past are:
    • MECI room contents and materials
    • Preschool classroom
    • Playground equipment

What is the intention for upkeep of the fields – and particularly the baseball field?

  • CYO Maintains the baseball fields.

New uniform question- can girls wear either the banded shirt or the original golf shirt with the new skirts?

  • Yes